WILBAN POEM (Why I Love Being A Nurse POEM)

WISDOM from my past, never doubting if I could pass a class. Reaching high in hope and never letting go of the rope. Searching for power of determination and perseverance and sure not to fall, and in my heart I knew this was my call from almighty God.

INTERACTING with my patient that my hands may touch, to heal and nurture and that's what I love so much. Waiting for the change of caring and medicine to do its work, "oh" because the feeling of adrenalin in me is about to burst. All because my patient said "I just got nursed".

LOVING nursing is like the weeping willow tree, with its beauty and graceful canopy. Standing proud and strong with its presence of balance. I am so thankful for my God give talent. Loving it every day is like the sunshine in May, flowers blooming, birds chirping, and trees are luscious green. Nursing is my dream and I am so thankful I am a part of the Epic team.

BELIEVING in nursing is what I do, giving my best every day, only to make the patient say "I had a great nurse today". "Oh" how it makes me feel proud, it's like floating on a cloud. Smiling from cheek to cheek, and telling the ones in charge, I know someday there will be a reward.

ACCOMPLISHED I am living proof of my dream, and telling those that want to know about nursing. "Oh" I tell them it's a sure thing. Much love, caring, compassion and patience is required, and without these I cannot be inspired. Courageously and being confident in what I do, it's never been a challenge for me to live up to.

NEVER ENDING thinking about what it is I do, some have said they can't pursue. But as for me and my desires, I will do this till I retire. My passion for nursing is what I adore. It has opened so many doors for me to explore. The candle will burn within me that I strongly believe, for the oath and commitment that I promise to achieve. Nursing is my destiny and no one can tell me any differently. Nursing is my heart and soul, whether I am young or old. I believe there is a power that comes with experience and knowledge and I strongly believe nursing is my calling. Why I love being a nurse, you heard it from me first. I am in it for better or for worse. I am the best nurse in the universe.