It is really very simple, I love taking care of people. Assisting them physically and mentally to achieve wellness, and to encourage them on their journey to wellness. Being ill is hard on a person especially if their condition is not expected to improve. For these patients it is so important to not only provide the best nursing care possible but to help the patient achieve a quality of life to the best of their ability. I have worked in Pediatrics for most of my career. The very best moments are when an ill child laughs or becomes so excited because they achieved a goal. I admire many of the children with chronic conditions. They show determination to be the best they can be; they have the strength to accept their limitations, and hardly ever get discouraged. I am humbled by their behavior. In Home Care, you get to know your patient and their family very well. My current patient has difficulty verbalizing, so we use a thumbs up/thumbs down for yes and no. We have learned to communicate more effectively. It is wonderful to get to know a patient so well that you can overcome the obstacles together. Nursing can be difficult at times, especially when dealing with loss. But the gratitude some patients show you by squeezing your hand, giving a hug and sometimes looking into your eyes and whispering thank you. These are the moments that make it all worthwhile, the moments I treasure. I love being a Nurse because I am given the opportunity to provide care to the ill; to hopefully enhance their lives for the better, to assist in the journey to wellness with love and dignity.