If this question was asked of me last week I would have told you " I don't like being a nurse". I lost my patient and it left a hole in my heart, but I started rethinking things and remembering all the good times we had. The days my pt. struggled and I made her day better. The trust in her eyes when she looked at me and would say" Thanks Dana". I know I did everything that I could for her to make her life better, I gave 110% with love for my patients. You can't be a nurse for the money, it has to be from your heart. A need to care for others and make a difference in their lives. And when they hit a milestone or do something new and you see the happiness on their face because they finally can do something they couldn't do before, that's the reward from being a nurse. This is why I love being a nurse.

My patient always sensed when it was end of shift, she always had to have a bear hug and hung on as long as she could. Always a smile and a thank you when she needed suctioning and she knew you would see to her every need. She loved to sing and you had to sing with her even if you sung off key. She loved playing pretend and couldn't wait till we got our cutie marks (my little pony's). She loved playing games and with play dough. She knew that with all nursing duties to take care of her would be done but her nurse always made the time to play with her and make her feel special.