I love being a nurse, because I was born to be a nurse. My inspiration came from my grandmother, Dorthy Gauchat who founded and directed five homes for handicapped children in Ohio. She encouraged me to enhance the lives of others by encouraging the abilities of those who are handicapped as well as the disabilities with this mantra. I have inspired one of my patients to become a published author and artist despite quadriplegia. I have worked in many settings including, nursing homes, doctor's offices, prison and home health. I love working with patients and their families to create an optimal, positive, cohesive environment for each patient. I have found that humor and creativity and a high level of confidence and knowledge is paramount for building trust in a home care setting with my patient and their family. I love building rapport and rust, providing the best care and treating each patient as I would for any of my family members. I love going above and beyond to take that extra step to be the best nurse I can be no matter the situation